Apple iPhone 6S, 6S Plus Vodafone Italy Price and Offers

Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are now available through Vodafone Italy. We have full details on its price and associated offers. The 16GB iPhone 6S comes with a Relax plan that includes unlimited minutes and texting along with 3GB 4G internet bandwidth) at a 30 monthly payments of 18 (regular installment) + 34 euro (for Relax plan). You will have to spend EUR 50 for the phone.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus Vodafone Italy Price Offers

For iPhone 6S plus, you will have to shell out 99 euro for handset and 20 + 34 euro payment for 30 months. Both phones are compatible with Vodafone 4G a k a LTE advanced network that enables enables connection speeds up to 225 Mbps, is now available in more than 600 Italian cities. Vodafone now covers over 5400 major cities and resorts, surpassing the 91% of the population in Italy.

The new iPhones come with 3D touch technology, live photos and improved cameras.


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