iPhone Articles

Camalen Leather iPhone 4s case

Camalen has introduced a new case called Hexa for the iPhone 4 and 4s. The case makes itself different from other iPhone cases by using its protective leather holder as a stand. This stand also allows the

Sanwa iPhone Pico Projector

The iPhone 4 is a great smartphone and now, you can use it as a projector, thanks to the Sanwa Pico projector. Called the Sanwa 400-PRJ011, it is compatible with both iPhone 4 and 4s and has

Case Mate Tank Case for iPhone

Case Mate has rolled out a Tank Case for iPhone 4 and 4s. The company says the the designers took cues from design of motorcycle helmets and that is why you will find that it is made

Brando iPhone 4s Loudspeaker

Brando has unveiled a really fun accessory for the iPhone 4s and 4 owners. It called iPhone 4s horn speaker and it requires no batteries to function. It has an old fashioned design and boosts the volume

ecoSnap for iPhone 4s

ecoSnap is a new case for iPhone 4 / 4s that is a fully biodegradable case made from plant based plastic resins.  The case has holes at the back for the LED as-well-as for the Apple logo.

Blue Lounge Mini Dock

Blue Lounge has rolled out Mini Dock for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Priced at 20 dollars, this little dock promises to replace the Apple dock connector to USB cable and thus lets you reduce the clutter.

iPhone 4 Incase Pro Slider

Incase has unveiled Pro Slider Case for the iPhone 4. This is similar to the Apple’s bumper case but offers more protection. It makes use of rubber instead that circumferences around the case and thus offers better

iOS 5 Missing Features

While iOS 5 is a great update over the current iOS 4.3.3, there are few features that should have been there but were left out due to some reason. I have been using the iOS 5 on