iPad Flash Plugin Download

Flash is a very popular multimedia platform that allows the developers to easily make animations consisting of text, audio and video. By using flash, one can add ton of interactivity into the web pages, that otherwise look dull. However, Apple is yet to add official flash support to the iPad and iPad 2. Fortunately, there are plethora of ways in adding that missing functionality.


Flash makes use of raster and vectors graphics and plain text to show content on the display. It is not only the perfect software for making interactive and great-looking games, but also for advertisements and banners. Programming of flash is done by a programming language called ActionScript. However, you need not learn that language if all you want to do is make simple banners.

So, while Apple is still not allowing flash content to run on iPad, you can use Frash plugin to allow the built-in mobile safari browser to display and even interact with content. In out tests, we found that we were able to play simple games. Other very popular way in getting flash on iPad is by using an app called iSwifter. The developers behind this excellent app have made it easy for the end user to gain access to flash games offered by Facebook, Yahoo Games and Kongregate. Keep in mind that the app works only over Wireless LAN connection, and not over 3G. The app is free though. In our testing, we experienced some lag while playing some games, especially the ones that require quick user actions. This was mainly due to the fact that the app was sending movements made on our displays to the iswifter’s server which increases the turnaround time. So, you may need to do a bit of testing to find out which game works the best on your iPad.

Last but certainly not the least is the Skyfire app which is the only one that flawlessly works with all video sites, including Vevo. However, it does not allows the user to interact with the flash content, which means it is useless if you are planning to play flash games. This is because it processes the flash files on its servers and then sends it to the user’s iPad.  We are also very concerned by the privacy issues related with it as the data that we see comes from Skyfire’s servers, not directly from the host server. Another thing to keep in mind is its cost. To get its license, you will have to shell out 5 dollars.

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