iPad News Articles

Pipo UT8 Specs Price

A lot of companies have been churning out sub 10 inch tablets based on the Apple iPad Mini’s design. Here is another one called Pipo UT8, which looks just like an iPad and runs Android operating system.

ILuv iMM517

Along with the IMM737, iLuv also launched IMM517 which has an adjustable tablet holder. Instead of using a wired keyboard like IMM737, it features a Bluetooth keyboard for wire free experience.

iLuv iMM737

If you think you have seen all sorts iPad cases, the iLuv iMM737 will make you think again. The iLuv iMM737 features a wired keyboard with iOS function keys and built in speakers so that you can

iPad 2: Belkin Snap Shield Secure

Belkin has rolled out a translucent case meant to be used with the snap on cover. The case snaps on the back of the iPad and protects it from scratches.

Sprint iPad 2 Release Date

Very soon, Sprint will be getting its own version of iPad 2 along with the iPhone. According to the new rumors, if the iPad and cheap plan combo comes into the scene, it would add a lot

Booq Viper Slider

Booq has unveiled a Viper Slider case for the iPad 2. This case is made from hard polycarbonate material and the interiors have soft fabric to prevent scratches. The case has all the openings for ports and

iPad Flash Plugin Download

Flash is a very popular multimedia platform that allows the developers to easily make animations consisting of text, audio and video. By using flash, one can add ton of interactivity into the web pages, that otherwise look

Dragon Dictation Free

Dragon Dictation is a free voice to text software for the iPad. Confused? Well, the app uses the built in microphone of the iPad and types out what you say into the mic. This means with this

Kingdoms at War Review

Kingdoms at War is a pretty nice game for the iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). This game is absolutely free and is a clone of Facebook app called Castle Age with hint of AOE. In

Zenus iPad 2 Masstige Case

iPad 2 is not a very portable device and needs to be carefully protected at all times. Special care needs to be taken in protecting that gigantic 9.7 inch IPS display. That is why you should invest