Windows 8.1 9428 build details

The company is putting final touches on the Windows 8.1 preview (Windows Blue) build which will be very soon be released to the public. Microsoft confirmed this and Windows 8.1 9428 build was spotted in the wild that carried the Milestone Preview label on the bottom right of the desktop.

Windows 8.1 9428

Looks like some people at Microsoft are about to get fired. Let us keep it simple this time, Windows 8.1 has nothing for the desktop. It is no more than an image of the start button on the taskbar that just triggers the Windows button action when clicked. Aero glass is missing too and without it, Windows 8 is absolute garbage for myriad folks, including me.

Metro apps still run full screen which is great for tablets, but counter productive for laptop users. Charm bar is still there that lets you connect to Wi-Fi networks and change settings for desktops – this is extremely annoying. List continues.

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