Shuttle SZ270R9 barebone PC specifications: Shuttle SZ270R9 comes studded with LED lights

Shuttle SZ270R9 specifications price

Shuttle SZ270R9 is a mini PC that is bound to impress. Shuttle SZ270R9 is colorful and features eye catching design that will lure video game enthusiasts that like flashy things. Shuttle SZ270R9 specifications include Intel Z270 chipset that supports latest generation of Intel processors for LGA1151 socket, 64GB DDR4 RAM, slot for PCI-Express-x16-3.0, PCI-Express-x4-3.0, three M.2 slots that can be used for adding WLAN modules or additional modules. You can add four 3.5 "hard disks and two NVMe or Optane SDDs. Thanks to the implementation of RAID, the units can be moved to 0, 1, 5 or 10 modes. The network connections on the back are also redundant: the mini PC has 2 Gigabit Ethernet . Its 500 Watt power supply. The price recommended by Shuttle for the SZ270R9 is 458 euros (VAT 22% included).

Keep in mind that Shuttle SZ270R9 is a barebone mini PC so you will have to add everything. All you are getting is a flashy case, power supply and motherboard. Rest of the components will be added by you and that includes wireless / Bluetooth modules (WLN-M) wireless cards.

So make sure you have decent computer knowledge before buying the Shuttle SZ270R9. And if you have decent knowledge, you can easily make a mini PC according to your needs.

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