Shuttle SH170R6 specifications, mini PC with cube form factor with Skylake processor

The new Shuttle XPC Cube SH170R6 incorporates an Intel Skylake (from Celeron to Core i7), up to 64GB DDR4 RAM and supports up to three 4K screens. Its price is 315 Euros.

Shuttle SH170R6 specifications

Shuttle SH170R6 specifications include four module slots DDR4 memory and supports up to 64 GB of RAM (4 x 16 GB). It is therefore ideal for demanding applications, such as in the scientific, creative and production. You can choose between Intel Celeron, Pentium, Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 6000 series processors with TDP up to 95 watts.

Inside the case of the new mini PC are placed at least three units and four SATA connections. The SH170R6 also has PCI-Express and PCI-Express-x16-3.0-x4-3.0, 2.0 slots and one M.2 slot. It allows integration of WLAN module and modern SSD. The external dimensions are 33.2 x 21.6 x 19.8 cm. Shuttle SH170R6 is already for sale on the market at the price of 315 EUR (22% VAT included).

Also available as optional accessories a WLAN module (WLN-C), an RS-232 (H-232), a rack 3.5 "on two 2.5" (PHD3) and a 500-Watt (PC63J). Tom Seiffert, Head of Marketing & PR at Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH said,

From the first XPC 2001 the launch of the new micro-architecture Intel, the mini-PC from Shuttle are protagonists in the industry. Even with Skylake no exception. Buyers of a model with Intel H170 will enjoy significantly improved performance, thanks to the introduction of DDR4 memory.

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