Fujitsu outs CELSIUS W530, J530

Fujitsu Japan has rolled two workstation computer, Celsius W530 and J530, both of which are powered by Kepler Xeon processors. Certain models will also be available with Haswell CPUs.


The Fujitsu W530 is your typical tower type PC, while J530 is for those who prefer their workstation to be slim. Basic configuration includes Xeon E3-1225v3 3.2GHz processor, integrated graphics, Intel C226 chipset, 2GB RAM, 250GB hard disk and Windows 8 64 bit Professional operating system.


Ports and connectivity options include USB 3.0 ports (W530 has 4, J530 has 6), USB 2.0 ports (W530 has 6, J530 has 2), Ethernet, VGA, DVI-D, display port, headphone and microphone jacks. [via pcwatch] (Japanese)


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