Acer DA241HL Specs, Price

Acer has churned out its first all in one Android desktop. Just like its packard bell and gateway offerings (Gateway N3 220), it features 24 inch display packing full HD resolution. Screen has a viewing angle of 178 degrees. Its adjustable stand can be tilted from 20 to 75 degrees, according to your preference. So, what are its specs? You get a (slightly outdated, but still very powerful), Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core processor, HDMI, USB, and latest version of Android.

Acer DA241HL Specs review

We love the fact that Acer lets you use it as an external display. So, you can use it with your windows machine. Just connect it via HDMI like a regular monitor with your laptop or desktop, and enjoy the crisp full HD display of the Acer DA241HL.

Acer DA241HL Specs price review

You can use the screen as second display via USB port. The All-in-One is available in stores now and has a MSRP of 429 Euros.


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