LG 29EA73-P, 29EB73-P Released

LG has released two ultra widescreen monitors 29EA73-P and 29EB73-P. They both have 21:9 aspect ratio and pack 2560×1080 pixel resolution. The 29EA73-P is 5.6 kilograms and measures 699.7 x 387.0 x 197.2 mm. The 29EB73-P weighs 6.9 kilograms and measures 699.7 x 395.3 x 225.0 mm.

LG 29EA73-P, 29EB73-P review

Both have dual link DVI, HDMI and display ports. There are infact, 2x HDMI ports, including one with MHL (mobile high definition link). USB 3.0 hubs are also integrated into these computer displays along with audio output ports, incase you do not find its built in 7 watt speakers not justifying your needs.

As expected, the LG 29EB73-P is more expensive than the other one and will pack some extra features than the latter such as power efficiency and color sharpening.


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