Carbon Fiber Sleeves for Macbook Pro

DFWcomposites have churned out Carbon Fiber sleeves for the Apple Macbook Pro laptops. They are compatible with both retina and non-retina models. Currently, you can pre order them for $76 or $79 dollars for 13” and 15” Macbook Pro models respectively.

Carbon Fiber Sleeves for Macbook Pro

The carbon fiber sleeves will give a very unique look to your Apple laptop and you will be easily able to make it different from the rest of the crowd, who own the same laptop.

The basic shape is same regardless of size you buy. Inside the sleeve, there is foam to prevent it from getting scratched from the carbon fiber.  The only real problem is that such materials interfere with the Wi-Fi signal of your laptop, especially if you like to keep it connected to Wi-Fi in sleep mode (called Power Nap).
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It will be released in the month of October (2013) and you can pre order now.


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