Apple Review Articles

Tech21 Macbook Impact Snap Case

There are not a ton of Apple Macbook cases. Most of the cases present in market have 2 pieces where one snaps onto the bottom and other one on top. Heck it is very difficult to tell

Carbon Fiber Sleeves for Macbook Pro

DFWcomposites have churned out Carbon Fiber sleeves for the Apple Macbook Pro laptops. They are compatible with both retina and non-retina models. Currently, you can pre order them for $76 or $79 dollars for 13” and 15”

Apple Conspiracy About Ebook Prices

News are coming in about Apple Inc conspired to raise the price of its ebooks on its Appstore. The federal judge ruled out that the Apple must pay the damages. Currently, Apple only gives its sellers a

Cooler Master L stand for Macbook Air, Pro

Cooler Master has released L-stand for Apple Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. The stand is entirely for Aluminum and is designed to easily use your Apple laptop as desktop when connected to an external monitor.

Late 2011 Macbook Pro GeekBench

So, the Apple updated its Macbook Pro line up once again. This time, however, it was a minor refresh except for the base 15 inch model that now comes with ATi Radeon HD 6750 GPU with 512MB

LaCie Thunderbolt Hard disk

Elecom is now offering a thunderbolt hard disk for Macbook and iMac computers. Inside its shell, on a standard model, you will find two 500GB hard disks configured in RAID0 configuration. The company is also offering a

Mac Mini 2011 Unboxing

Apple has finally released an updated Mac Mini that sports the second generation Core i series processor along with thunderbolt port. The model available at most stores come with Core i5 2.3GHz processor, Intel HD Graphics, 4GB

iMac 2011 benchmark

Apple has finally released iMac computers with sandy bridge update. All these computers are miles ahead of the iMac 2010. The two main features added into this year’s update is the inclusion of the thunderbolt ports and