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How technology has changed gaming scenario

Technology and in particularly, mobile devices have changed the face of gaming forever. Back in 2007, Steve Jobs launched iPhone and it completely revolutionized the gaming scenario. The iPhone was not the first multi-touch phone that could do gaming but it was definitely the first to bring gaming to a person who was not a […]

Top Windows 10 tips and tricks infographic

Windows 10 brings a bunch of improvements and enhancements over the older versions of windows. The biggest one is return of start menu which was one of the major annoyances of windows 8. But our favourite feature is Cortana that is virtual voice assistant that lets you talk to your computer and stay updated with […]

Recovering data from memory card the easiest way

Think of a scenario like this – you are on vacation and suddenly the memory card that you were using in your camera or smartphone suddenly dies. You have taken several hundred pictures of various places you have been to and you want them back at all costs. If you take that memory card to […]

MSI WS72 6Q specs: 17 inch workstation with Intel Xeon and Nvidia Quadro

MSI WS72 6Q workstation is out and its specs are truly amazing. MSI WS72 6Q specs include Intel Skylake Xeon-based processor and Nvidia Quadro M1000M / M2000M / M3000M graphics to ensures any professional graphics software runs like butter on it. Prices start at 1900 dollars. MSI WS72 6Q was presented first at CES 2016 […]

Cloud Computing vs Virtualization and their advantages

Cloud computing is one of the biggest buzzwords in the IT landscape. However, without a doubt, it is yet to achieve the height that virtualization has achieved. This is chiefly due to the reason that virtualization has been around for a longer time than cloud computing. Today, two companies namely VMware, which makes the most […]

Choosing between a SSD and a hard drive for a gaming laptop

Solid state disks are all the rage at the moment and are fighting hard to compete with hard drives in the lucrative storage market. But which is better for a gaming laptop? Laptops used for gaming require fast data transfer rates but is the extra cost spent on SSD over HDD worth it? First let […]

E-Fun Nextbook 10.1 offers impressive specs

E-Fun Nextbook 10.1 specs. E-Fun is back just in time and its newest laptop is a hybrid 2 in 1 laptop that is ideal for students as it combines the combines the versatility of a detachable keyboard, capable of transforming the tablet into a mini laptop. It is up for sale in USA for 179 […]